Welcome to the Derby!

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As our first season as a full team approaches The Orangeville Roller Girls (ORG) want to thank

everyone who has supported us from the beginning. If there’s one thing you can say starting a roller

derby league from nothing isn’t easy. This league has been through what we are sure is what every

league goes through at the start but we made it and are ready to hit the track! The Orangeville Roller

Girls want to grow and expand this league to have more than just our first team Pulp Affliction. We

hope to grow into one league with many teams of diverse individuals.


We will be playing 5 home bouts in 2013. The home bouts will be held at our home base at

the Orangeville Agricultural Centre’s Exhibition hall. Every one of the roller girls are very excited to

make a mark in the Roller Derby community. This league is always looking for players (18+), referees,

NSO’s (Non-Skating Officials) and volunteers. If you ever thought of playing the greatest sport in

the world or want to be a part of the action please see our “Fresh Meat” section. Most importantly we

want to have fans and spectators to come and watch this full contact sport too. Please watch out for our

posters, facebook events, tweets for information regarding the dates and times of our bouts. This very

website has a calendar with our full schedule and will be adding dates as the year goes on.


Please explore our website where you can see when our next game is, where to buy tickets, how

to buy merchandise, how to join the ORG, check out the members of Pulp Affliction. Other

information includes how to become a sponsor how to contact or keep in touch with us through social

media and email. We are all excited to see you out on the track!


– Signed the ORG