The Fresh and the Furious 2013

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July 13, 2013 marked the 4th annual Fresh and Furious Tournament at Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto and your Orangeville Roller Girls made their first-ever appearance. 16 teams consisting of rookie players from all over Canada – and some from the U.S. – came together on a beautiful and sunny Saturday for one thing, to play roller derby! 16 teams, 20 minute games, 1 winner!

For ORG’s Pulp Affliction (PA) our day started in the second arena “The Bubble” at 1 p.m. It was Pulp Affliction vs. the D-VAS (Toronto Roller Derby’s Deadly Viper Assassination Squad). The 20 minute games went by very fast and the ladies took points early and we couldn’t quite catch up. The end score was 52-22 for the D-VAS. It was a great learning experience to play with a ToRD trained team.

Game 2 for the Affliction was against Cornwall’s Power Dames in the Bubble. These ladies were tough – but not tough enough – we took the win in this game 52-43 for PA!

In a tournament like this you are guaranteed 2 games, but because we won our second game we advanced onto another 20 minute game. This one was against Area 705 Roller Derby’s Smooth Operators. We got off to a great start offensively and scored a heavy amount of points in the beginning and dominated the game with an amazing score of 96-26.

Now onto Game 4; we were starting to feel the pressure and our bodies were starting to feel tired but we had to put that aside and think about what we were here to do. We had a couple minutes in between to re-hydrate and put some food in our bellies for another action packed 20 minute game. We were up against The Renegade Derby Dames (RDD) and it was a close one for sure. PA and RDD were very well matched in skill, but PA took it for the win by 3 points 56-53.

With the win, PULP AFFLICTION moved onto the SEMI-FINALS! We never dreamed that we would get this far, but all of our hard work and training was paying off in this tournament. Making it to the semi-finals was a very proud moment for us.

For this game we had to move over to Ted Reeve Arena and we took on Les Buches (a team made up of players from all over Quebec). This team was undefeated in the tournament and their skills were the reason why. They got us right in the beginning with lots of points and we just couldn’t catch up. They took the win 99-9. It was a great experience for us to play with ladies of this skill level.

Despite the loss to Les Buches, PA were still in the running for 3rd place in the tournament against the Hammer City Roller Girls Fresh Meat. We had just a couple of minutes to chat before this game, re-hydrate and eat something for our last bout of the day. We regrouped and got back out on the track to try and take home a medal. The Hammer City girls were a tough team to score points against.  We gave it everything that we had left, but just couldn’t bring up our score. 97-26 was the final score for Hammer City. Congratulations to you ladies for 3rd place, it was well deserved!

The tournament was over for PA but the championship bout was still left. It was The D-VAS vs. Les Buches. These were two very tough teams that PA played against earlier in the day. Wow what an exciting game to watch!

This is the only game of the day that was 30 minutes long so the girls had ten extra minutes to score points. These amazing athletes were still going despite having just played close to 11 hours of roller derby. With a couple lead changes and power jams for both teams Les Buches took the win 122-45.

1st place – Les Buches

2nd place – The D-VAS

3rd place – Hammer City Fresh Meat

So you know what that meant? Pulp Affliction made it 4th place over all! We are over the moon and so proud of each other!

To be 4th place out of 16 teams is such an amazing moment for our team and is going to put us on the map in the Canadian derby community. We all work so hard training and running our little league that we are so pleased to see it pay off for us!

The Riedell MVP award was chosen by a panel of judges throughout the day and was awarded to our team captain Eleanor Rigamortis. She received a brand new set of Radar Wheels! Congrats Morty!

Congratulations to all of the other teams that played in the tournament. It was such an amazing day in Canadian Roller Derby in that it’s the only tournament like this out there.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to show their support of us in the tournament. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re going to continue to get stronger, become better athletes and continue to develop our skills.

Watch out world, ORG is here to stay!