Orangeville Roller Girls Co-Host Smashingly Successful Tournament

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On Saturday, March 7th, the Orangeville Roller Girls had an action-packed day at the Orangeville Agricultural Society as they hosted their very first tournament ever, The Boys & Girls Clubbing. In conjunction with our derby brothers at Toronto Men’s Roller Derby, the invitational single-day tourney welcomed six teams from Ontario and Quebec to battle it out over the course of 5 games, and boy were they exciting! The teams and leagues in attendance were:


Pulp Affliction (Orangeville Roller Girls)
Toronto Outrage (Toronto Men’s Roller Derby)
Outfits (co-ed mixed team consisting of Toronto Outrage and Misfit Militia players)
G-sTARS (GTA Rollergirls)
Disloyalists (Kingston Derby Girls)
Mont Royals (MTL Men’s Roller Derby)
La Poutine (MTL Men’s Roller Derby)


Doors opened bright and early at 10 am to allow fans to roll in for the first game at 11 am, and when all was said and done and the final whistle blew, it was nearing 10 pm that night. Throughout the course of the day, those in attendance had a chance to see games played by both men and women’s teams (including a mixed team of both male and female players), as they dropped blood, sweat, tears and bodies on the track.


Game results are as follows:

Outfits (214) vs. La Poutine (59)
Pulp Affliction (228) vs. Disloyalists (141)
G-sTARs (195) vs. Disloyalists (66 – forfeit)
Mont Royals (278) vs. Toronto Outrage (86)
G-sTARs (243) vs. Pulp Affliction (139)


The ORG would like to thank everyone who helped in putting on such an amazing day of derby, from the outstanding players, refs, NSOs and volunteers to our fantastic announcers Jaxalottopus and Lightning Slim, and the various photographers including Joe Mac, Jammer Line and Jim Waddington, and everyone in between! Our league is so grateful to have so many supportive people around us, and we truly can’t do it without them! We can’t wait until we get to do it all over again!