The Orangeville Roller Girls is an athletic and social organization formed to give all women in the Orangeville and surrounding areas the opportunity to learn and play the sport of flat track roller derby in a healthy and safe environment.

We Are committed to the betterment of the physical and mental strength of its members through fostering the amateur sport of roller derby. Skaters are female aged eighteen and up; men age 18+ may be members of the league in the capacity of referee, coach or volunteer. Orangeville Roller Girls follows the Rules and guidelines set forth by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), and subscribes to it’s  “by the skaters, for the skaters” ethic.

Embodying the values of friendship, empowerment, dedication discipline, we  demonstrate positive roles for women and act as contributing members of the local community, giving back through outreach, volunteerism and fundraising.

We will place character before appearance, be welcoming rather than exclusive, and honorable rather than popular: work earnestly , speak kindly, act sincerely and choose thoughtfully, be a good sport always, never be discouraged , be loyal in the words and actions to  the ideas of our derby peers while also raising our own voices, so that together the members of our league become an expression of that which is truest and strongest in all of us.

The League operates as a de facto non-profit organization as of right now. All money that comes in to our league goes to defraying the costs of renting venue space, putting on bouts, creating merchandise and marketing materials, and helping with insurance, liability expenses and any other expenses that may arise.


Our Values:

Dedication: The dedication of fans, community and league members, are the driving force of our success, and allows the ORG to be run for the skaters by the skaters.

Athleticism:  Roller derby both requires athleticism and provides an outlet for fostering athleticism.ORG enables self-identified women of all levels of ability, ages and body types to train to play a sport.

Empowerment: We express desire for our members to feel empowered by providing varied opportunities for personal growth. We foster individual empowerment through commitment to each skater training, responsibility to teams, and work in the community.

Entertainment: Both the sporting and theatrical aspects of ORG entertain our fans, which is critical to the generation of revenue to meet our goals and to increasing the popularity of the sport, which fosters the sense of community.

Community: We strive to be responsible members of each of the various communities that we belong to and on whom we rely on for our success