Georgia W Tush Clinic!

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Since our last entry, the ORG has wrapped up 2012 with some pretty exciting moments: On December 4th we hosted a clinic learning from one of  Canada’s best skaters, Georgia W. Tush! She is the founder of Montreal Roller Derby and plays on their first team New Skids on the Block. She played for Team Canada when the World Cup was held in Toronto in 2011 and she is the owner for Neon Skates a store in Montreal. It was a raging success! Skaters from other leagues (Tri-City, Royal City, Fergus, Rollergettes and more) were invited to ORG home turf and shared Tush’s wealth of knowledge. She was fantastic to have around, funny, humble and full of great basic skill drills that we will be doing from now on and forever.

On December 16th Pulp Affliction played their first bout as a full team! Fergus Roller Derby invited us to play them in an exhibition game. It was great practice for all of us and both teams played extremely well. Although we lost 125-117 it was a very close game and we all got some amazing experience, and there was no major injuries! YAY!

Through the month of December we picked up some new sponsors too,, Lord Dufferin Dental, and Monster Muffin! We are very excited to have all of our sponsors as they are great supporters and we are very grateful!

Now that 2013 is here and we are excited to start a new round of fresh meat training on January 17th, and kick off our season in February with our first home game on the 9th!

See Ya on the Track!


-Signed The ORG