2014 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, Texas

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Thursday December 5, 2014 kicked off the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, Texas. There were 30 countries from all over the world who participated in the Wold Cup, including Team Canada. The Final Standings were:

1st – Team USA Roller Derby
2nd – Team England Roller Derby
3rd – Team Australia
4th – Team Canada B&T World Cup.

Team Canada skated hard and impressed many people with the skills they showed on the track. Orangeville Roller Girls are so proud of all the skaters on Team Canada and even more proud of one of the coaches, Flyin’ Bryan Killman. That’s right – the very same Flyin’ who coaches Orangeville Roller Girls! Bryan has worked very hard with his coaching and the results show in the standings of Team Canada. Congratulations Team Canada and congratulations Bryan! Your hard work and dedication has paid off and the roller derby community in Canada is so proud of you and what you’ve helped Team Canada achieve.

Team Canada also had one of the best cheering squads at the World Cup, including some of our very own skaters from ORG. The ORG girls not only got to cheer on Team Canada and the other teams from around the world, but also had the chance mingle with many of the skaters. Many roller derby idols were met and this was a dream come true to our girls. Roller derby is a tight knit community and this was shown in so many ways at the world cup. Many top level skaters from around the world took a lot of time to interact with the fans, which is uncommon in many sports. Check out some of the pictures our ORG girls at the roller derby world cup; a good time was definitely had by all!

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2014 Blood and Thunder World Cup

2014 Blood and Thunder World Cup

2014 Blood and Thunder World Cup